Magnum Sales System 2.5 Upgrade

The Magnum Sales system Liquor Store Software Version 2.5.
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  • Item #: Magnum2.5Upgrade
  • Manufacturer: MagAero Systems

This is the upgrade version which upgrades Version 2.0 to Version 2.5.

Version 2.0 must already be installed on your computer.

Windows 98SE operating system is required.


Here's what's new:

1. The Inventory Value screen now shows both cost and retail prices by category, and also totals.

2. The Inventory Quantity Reports now show Cost as well as Retail pricing.

3. The ADD-Change-DELETE Screen now has places to enter Vendor's Lookup ID and Vendor's ordering number.

4. The Customers screen is now renamed as the Accounts screen. We have added a 4th type of account category for Vendors.

5. A completely new Ordering Screen with lots of new features, including putting multiple orders on hold, and showing the Vendor's ordering numbers on the order, in addition to your own item numbers. Lots more here, too, beyond that!

6. A brand new bar code editor so you can easily add or remove barcodes from the barcode database.

7. The Shelf Tag printing operation has been greatly enhanced to allow bold printing, and better alignment of tags on the printed sheet of tags. This was accomplished by using a special Windows based graphics printing module which is fed data from the main Magnum Program.

These are just some of the highlights, but there have also been a lot of small improvements behind the scenes too.

The Magnum Sales System Version 2.5 Upgrade comes on a single CD, complete with an automated installer. Each CD is unique to your store, and each CD is individually created, then tested on another computer to verify that it installs correctly. Sometimes even a brand new CD may have a defect, so by testing each and every one, I can be confident that it will install and function properly the first time!

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Price $99.95